Things to Do Right After Home Remodel Is Finished

Getting the home remodel finished is something worth celebrating. Some people get so delighted that they consider throwing a party after getting their homes remodeled successfully. But wait! Are you really sure that everything is going to be smooth after the completion of remodel? Well, not necessarily. There are certain things that you will need to look at right after the remodel to make sure that no new trouble is waiting for you.

Make sure that you have warranties

In many instances, people find some of their new appliances or cooking range to have technical fault after remodeling is finished. These are the new items which you would want to run fine throughout the lifetime. But when there is a technical fault, you wouldn’t really want to go out on a hunt to make new purchases. In fact, you will prefer getting things fixed under the warranty. Now, if your builder has got the warranty for you, you have got nothing to worry about, if not, you will have to go through the paperwork related to purchase of all of the items and find the warranty status before you actually use them.

Ask about the maintenance before you do it

Daily maintenance and cleaning is great. But you also need to have better knowledge about how to keep things working fine. There may be the new items which may need some other way to get maintained and cleaned. Therefore, you should ask your contractor or remodeler about the maintenance. Sometimes, the remodeler might not have idea about the maintenance. But contractors usually remain in contact with several experts who can tell the best way to clean and maintain complicated items.

Items or features which usually need careful maintenance include teak shower bench, filters and plumbing fixtures. While shower bench can be easy to maintain, filters and plumbing fixtures might not be easy to maintain without professional help. It doesn’t mean that you should always call an expert and pay for the maintenance. Instead, you can learn a few tricks and apply them when needed. That will surely give you a way to deal with the items which are vulnerable to get out of order if dealt with in a harsh way.

The wooden floors

First thing to mention when it comes to protecting hardwood floor is that you should put the felt pads on the lags of the chair. That will not only make it easier to slide chair wherever you want but you will also be able to preserve the much desired shine of hardwood surface for a longer period of time.

Furthermore, if you have pets, make sure that their nails are not overgrown. Overgrown nails can leave serious scratches on the hardwood floor.

And, you can place a coco mat in the entrance to ensure that your guests or family members do not bring in the small rocks and sand.

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